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I started the Live-ISO in VBox and it looks nice. A little bit oldschool and a little bit ...something else. :smile:

"zsh" as default is something different. And "dunst" is crashed. It looks like a problem in the code and VBox.

And i missed the running penguins but nice!

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Dunst crashed?

Running penguins?

The final will be matrix themed


Beware of aliens!

I know that it is Archlabs/Bundsenlabs inspired theme with polybar but i have been using Arch Linux for a while... well i decided to come back to this manjaro openbox edition cuz i have bought extra 8GB ram stick for the intel i5 acer laptop i have so i have got 12GB now so im looking for some easy way to use it all, i remember u said unused ram is wasted ram.

Perhaps for 4th tab i can open GIMP/openshot for editing photos/videos 3th is folder icon 2nd is for web so i have got vivaldi browser, well first one is home i guess, but can you give me any tips how to consume all/most RAM i have?? So far highest i could reach was 5.5GB while i was editing some full hd videos in openshot.

And i am going to use suspend when i have got some stuff opened, on arch there was systemctl suspend so perhaps manjaro uses systemd as well so it should be this way too... Cheers

There is no easy way to use it all. Just be confident that lack of available memory will never be an issue. The only way you can pump your usage is to reduce your swappiness e.g. to a value between 5 and 10.

The only way I can get the RAM usage up is by running several virtual machines. The only limit there is the i5 which only has 4 cores (no extra virtual cores).

A couple of Windows 10 VM with 8GB ram and 2 cores - that makes the system work - still not enough to max my desktop out.

With Windows it was always an issue with enough memory, so my systems are over dimensioned memorywise and with Openbox I always have enough.

Suspending requires a swapfile or partition. Manjaro is a systemd powered system just as Arch.

I have been leaning towards Archlabs - it is a really nice lean system - it takes only half a day and I am back at Manjaro. But Archlabs is may main competitor to Manjaro.

Virtual machines, that's good idea, somebody suggested me this before.
Well my idea right now is to open stuff that i can eventually use all together and fit them to 4 tabs that there are in Polybar however i have noticed that it generates heat in the laptop though, it's a shame that i don't have PC, things would be easier :P. Perhaps i should start to try edit some videos, that would make the ram more useful.

I have never used any virtual machine before but i am going to read some stuff about it, this laptop came with windows 10 preinstalled so it has licence, so maybe trying to run the VM with win10 is worth trying, although i officially stopped using windows10 but when i get access to unlimited internet cuz at the moment i pay for limited data i may try it... Not sure how virtual machines operates but maybe instead of reinstalling linux distros all the time, perhaps i could start try them just using virtual machines cuz i keep reinstalling linux distributions all the time, yesterday i have deleted arch linux with kde plasma tht i have had and... it's just pointless to me.

Anyways it's nice and polished openbox, i keep distro hopping to try new things but it drives me insane a bit at this point... I read too much different opinions about stuff like init systems etc. etc. there are boykott systemd websites so it's hard for me to settle down somewhere cuz i am new to linux and people demotivate me from using certain distributions... It's such a crazy thing, that causes not letting me enjoy use this manjaro openbox edition, cuz it's really nice and polished...
I have tried fluxbox before well... I understand that this openbox is just plain openbox with polybar tint and conky but it's done very well and damn... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I'm new to openbox so sorry if this is a dumb question but why is the terminal key-bind twice ? Once with super + enter and again with super + t

Because someone dared challenge the divine supremacy of super+t
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

[also, because why not - never really ran into someone who uses enter - maybe the maintainer does or its a norm I dont know about, but either way they include both, because of course super+t should be at least one of them]


Lol alright, just thought it was a little weird to have a application bound twice, also I have never used super + t although I am normally using i3 maybe that's why.
Never realized til today I was a dirty heretic, I must cleanse my soul with some apple juice

Call me simple ... but theres basics I stick to:
W = web browser
F = File Manager
T = Terminal
E = Text Editor
[ Super/Super+Space = Command / Menu ]

But of course honestly while I consider that semi-standard ... everyone can and should do things the way they like.


I don't think there is a norm - unless you come from Ubuntu in which case CtrlAltt makes a lot of sense (Manjaro Xfce uses it).

Anyway - I have tried to make the shortcuts logical, easily remembered and reachable - Try CtrlAltt - it is almost impossible using left hand alone.

SuperEnter is inspired by @oberon's i3 and clearly my favorite.

Many fine people see the logic like @cscs and think - hey Supert must be terminal - it does not work - what?

That is why there is two :slight_smile:

In which case you can easily install Windows.

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Hey, thanks for link.

At the moment i can't see any point of using windows 10 though, because windows games i have run perfectly fine on here (Using wine and other Arch based distros can run them as well), also i prefer to use open-source software even if it's more limited than paid windows ones (another silly fact is that i can't afford lots of things) and of course manjaro openbox edition from this topic gives me much better visual experience than windows10 does :D.

Why would somebody use windows 10 over gnu/linux if he doesn't use stuff like photoshop and other??? Isn't windows 10 a big spyware anyway?? (well i understand that win10 would use the ram more efficiently though but i am not convinced to windows anymore :frowning: ).
I'd better get some base gnu/linux arch installed on VM instead of windows and then download openbox and polybar from AUR, and try to create own custom polybar menu.

I have no idea why battery icon isn't displayed on polybar though...
I have put battery everywhere

modules-left = battery manjaro workspaces window_switch modules-center = battery modules-right = battery pkg memory temperature coreuse clock battery

And still i can't see the icon ;D. It's not a problem anyways...

Check the battery module conf - you may need to adjust the command to your system.

Yeah, i will check it thanks :slight_smile:
But there is something else, i have some generic mp3 player when i connect it to the computer it doesn't show anything in file manager, basically i dont know how i can upload music to it.

Same thing happened when i wanted to install some windows games yesterday through wine, but i figured it out though...
What i have done is

# mkdir /cdrom
# mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom

What about mp3?? Is there any specific "file" in /dev that is responsible for it too??
When i type fdisk -l there is only /dev/sda there are only partitions shown, nothing about the mp3 player.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have a script to generate these wonderful links? I'll be releasing an Awesome ISO soon and I would like to use this layout, preferably without manual labor. :smile:

No script - but I have a template which I do a search/replace. Then copy the resulting text to the post.

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Thanks, that came in handy! :wink:


this post isn't related to manjaro openbox but i decided to give a virtual machine a go i downloaded qemu and currently installing openbsd on 8GB .img file i created, as a start of course... So when i get hold of some quicker internet connection, i will try to get win10 running on it.

Thanks for this wonderful idea linux-aarhus.

Have a nice day to you all :wink:

Installed great! Just had one little hiccup. I'm using a 4k monitor (HiDPI) and have it at half-resolution (1920x1080), scaled at 2x. This is the screen asking for my user info, during setup. I realize that there isn't a lot of support in Linux for this sort of setup, but if it's just a matter of making the window a little bigger default size or something, that may help others. Smaller fonts? :man_shrugging: Thanks for putting this distro together for us!

(Reduced to 50% of original true pixel size)

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