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hi, i am newbie to manjaro with only basic knowledge of linux
i need to edit two files in an iso and generate a bootable usb
do you have a simple guide? thx stefan


Have a look at this :slight_smile:


thank you. very nice, thats a challenge :slight_smile:

i tried with the program isomaster but the size shrinked and i didn´t get a bootable usb in linux with command “dd” or after copying to windows with rufus. i don´t know where i did the mistake. i only have to edit 2 config files in the iso and generate a bootable usb. so when you have a shortcut pls tell me.

your video recommendation is nice. i will study…


If you have understood the video to change two config files is a five minute job. The build should take about 30 mins. and then 5 mins to burn to usb. Of course doing this you can remove packages or add packages so after installation you have just what you need installed.

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