Is Windows-like battery power management possible?

On Windows, if I close the lid of the laptop, it goes into sleep mode. But if I put it for a enough long time, it automatically transitions into hibernation mode (without my opening the lid manually putting it into hibernation mode). Also, it goes into hibernation mode, rather than sleep mode, if the battery is below a certain amount like 5%.

On Manjaro Linux, it seems that the laptop keeps in sleep mode even if I do not use it for a long time, and it seems to shut itself down when the battery reaches near 0%. Can I make Manjaro act like Windows? That is, (1)automatic hibernation after a long time in sleep, (2)automatic hibernation mode when battery is critically low.

For hibernation you need to set up swap partition/file with hibernation AFAIK. The TLP package gives you a lot of customisation/tweaks to configure battery management on laptops, pretty sure you can set what percentage to shut down etc