Is Thunar (XFCE) right click - create new document menu gone?


Try a new user on the VM that has the problem … :slight_smile:


I tried to return to open source on my machine (not VM) but with no difference, the problem is still there. So it is not Nvidia either. I have 2 versions of XFCE on it, stable and testing branch. Both have it. :confounded:

Ok I’ll take a pause for now.


Made a new XFCE install, installed Nemo (indeed it doesn’t drag as much from Cinnamon as i previously thought), i made the updates … no issues. That means, IMHO, there is something in ~/.config and/or ~/.local that got funky in the user you experience this problems.



Good news, found it ! bogdancovaciu, you were right.

I noticed that leaving my mouse long enough on the selection “new document”, eventually it appear after 5 - 10 seconds. I was experimenting with new themes and icons sets. The “modèles” folder contain about 50000 files. As soon I moved them to another disk, the problem disappear. That solve Nemo too. So beware …

So my apology to the Manjaro team. It was not there fault after all.

Thanks to everyone helping.


Glad you sorted out. Indeed 50000 files is a lot. :slight_smile:
Kind regards!


63574 elements. I could not believe it. Those tiny icons files multiply like wabbits …:rofl:

Nemo in XFCE very slow and unresponsive (4.0.3)