Is this something I need to worry over?

Hi all,
Still struggling with KDE…we’re not a match made in heaven and I may hop back to XFCE if this keeps up.
Anyway…VLC gives trouble…
Please look:

[melissa@Avalon Media]$ pacman -Qkk vlc  
warning: vlc: /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/plugins.dat (Modification time mismatch)
warning: vlc: /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/plugins.dat (Size mismatch)
vlc: 1057 total files, 1 altered file

Is this something I need to worry over?

According to this Archkinux post it seems not:

The files you mention are regenerated by a depmod (regenerate some cache according to modules) command which is issued after installing the kernel. There is nothing to be worried in your output.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Am I mistaken but…I have two things to do:

Learn Linux
stop worying
Thanks :slight_smile:

You should add one, at the top:
Learn to ask Google first.

No, seriously. That’s how you learn. By asking questions. And when you’ve learnt how to Google, it’s easy to put any worry to rest AND in the process you learn Linux. So, do that and the rest will follow.

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Why do you want to use the VLC so badly? The thing has become a monster over the years. For example, it refused to quit completely for me. I had to kill it every time via task manager. For a little over 2 years I use only mpv. The does without grumbling. mpv for video and Audacious for audio. I look at VLC again and again at greater intervals, only to find that it’s still the same overrated mess. Just food for thought …

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Not really, it’s just the one I’m used to. But, I’m open to anything. As long as the system does’nt freeze on me. VLC does that. I wanted to know why. I use Clementine now as an audio player. Works pretty good. Gives a system average load less than one…and in my book…that is a purring kitten :slight_smile:
I remember a non-VLC player with tabs. Vaguely. But that is a long time ago…

Familiarity. Both awesome and dangerous at the ssme time…

After all, it IS why most people, even “computer people”, shy away from Linux.


When the problems with VLC arose I switched to SMPlayer and never looked back.

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No because the VLC plugin cache is regenerated by pacman hooks when you update

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