Is this normal? [warning: /usr/bin/pinentry installed as /usr/bin/pinentry.pacnew]



When installing the latest unstable update, I received the warning:

warning: /usr/bin/pinentry installed as /usr/bin/pinentry.pacnew

This seems odd because .pacnew files are usually created when a .conf file gets updated, not for a binary in /usr/bin/.

Should I do anything about this?

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This is what pinentry file contains in testing and unstable on my end:

test -e /usr/lib/ && exec /usr/bin/pinentry-gtk-2  "$@"
exec /usr/bin/pinentry-curses "$@"

if you compare the two on your system and the .pacnew one has something different, then the old one might need to be replaced/edited/updated …


Here are the 2 files. They contain the same commands with different spacing.


test -e /usr/lib/ && exec /usr/bin/pinentry-gtk-2  "$@"
exec /usr/bin/pinentry-curses "$@"



test -e /usr/lib/ &&
exec /usr/bin/pinentry-gtk-2  "$@"

exec /usr/bin/pinentry-curses "$@"


I’m going to make the update on one of my unstable installs and see if i notice something off after …


I just checked the PKGBUILD and found this line:


That explains why it generated a .pacnew file.

EDIT: I just found why this was added to the PKGBUILD.


Then i will mark your last reply as solution.
Interestingly enough is that on one of my plasma unstable there was no .pacnew created. On another install there was and also on my Gnome unstable install. The difference is as you pointed out, no issues after reboot.


for me, with my kde, .pacnew is bad, its :
exec /usr/bin/pinentry-qt "$@"

choise is :


or we can write tests as :

[[ "$DESKTOP_SESSION" =~ "plasma" ]] &&  exec /usr/bin/pinentry-qt  "$@"
[[ "$DESKTOP_SESSION" =~ "xfce" ]] &&  exec /usr/bin/pinentry-gtk-2  "$@"
[[ "$DESKTOP_SESSION" =~ "gnome" ]] &&  exec /usr/bin/pinentry-gnome3  "$@"
exec /usr/bin/pinentry-tty "$@"

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