Is this how Manjaro Gnome boot process works?

Hello everyone!
I am a new in Arch based…Manjaro Gnome.
I am running latest Manjaro Gnome in my 4gb ram pc with 500 HDD…I don’t have any other problems while booting but I think this isnt the way it should boot.

Sorry, Im unable to embed the picture…So, here is the detail of problem: It shows white screen with blue vertical lines then it moves to a black screen with three dots in left top corner of the screen and finally shows login page…I think there should be a proper one. Can anyone help me with changing it into a proper boot screen?

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Help you with what? You are giving us no description of what you perceive the problem to be.

I’m really sorry for that…I was planning on embedding pictures but I couldn’t.

You could always try words… Most of us have learned how to read. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a sign of a broken support for Plymouth splash. AFAIU it’s either a bad theme or missing module for graphics.
First try to do sudo mkinitcpio -P and reboot then.
If that didn’t help, try adding your graphics driver to initramfs (add i915 for Intel or nvidia nvidia-modeset for, obviously, Nvidia GPU to MODULES array in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf), then regenerate initrds with sudo mkinitcpio -P and reboot.

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Thanks for the help. It now shows a proper and decent one.

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