Is this dual boot method correct?

hi guys,
so i wanted to install manjaro alongside windows 10, so with some search i found this video that explain it, but i was wondering if it had all the info needed or if there was some extra steps
since i wasn’t able to post a url the video in question was made by EF - Tech Made Simple, and is titled Manjaro: dual boot with Windows 10

ps: if that helps i want manjaro to be basically my main os, I’m only using windows at the moment for a game i haven’t yet found a good way to play it on manjaro.

Welcome to the Forum!

I haven’t watched the video you’re referring to, so I can’t speak about what is presented there.

As for this

I would strongly recommend to read and follow this tutorial by linux-aarhus:

Good luck! :+1:

thanks a lot good sir ^^, and definitely gonna follow the tutorial you gave me

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