Is there way to see "history" of action of dolphin?

I was doing some file management on dolphin… and i felt i have accidentally drag something into somewhere in folder tree of dolphin, and immediately after that i heard my 6TB hdd speed spinning…, but i didn’t notice anything i have messed up… But inside of my heart i am scare i have moved a whole chunk of file to some other directory unknowingly…
Anyway to see what dolphin has being doing ? in Undo, i only saw “undo rename” (which is something i was working on after “i think i have dragged something”. Regretted it, i should have check in “undo” first before i do anything else …

I can’t stop and wait , have to resume working on what i need to do… hence don’t know will i able to know which… but i recorded the time frame 13:50 23 aug 2021 (if there is history record in dolphin).

Any history of action recorded in dolphin ?

To the best of my knowledge, no. But Dolphin will always ask you for confirmation when you move something, because a drag & drop operation could mean three things:

  1. move the file(s);
  2. copy the file(s); or
  3. symlink the files.

So you’d always get a popup menu, and if you didn’t get one, then most likely nothing happened.

In addition to that, this is exactly the sort of thing why you should never run a file manager as root.

Ok, understood…Thanks

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