Is there anything to watch out for when reinstalling windows on a dualbooted system?

My windows install has just broken and i have not been able to fix it so i have decided to just reinstall windows all together.
Is there anything i should be careful of to avoid wiping my manjaro install?

Hi @Smurg,

I think you’ll find this handy:

Also, keep in mind that when you’re done, you’ll probably have to reinstall GRUB.

And, personally, if possible, disconnect the Manjaro drive and any Data drives beforehand, reinstall Windows, and reconnect the drives followed by reinstalling GRUB.

Well, that’s what I’d have done, anyway.

manjaro and windows are on the same drive also that guide seems more for windows users installing manjaro not manjaro users installing windows



Hi @Smurg,

as stated by @Mirdarthos and in the linked website, Windows will overwrite your bootloader. So you will not be able to boot to manjaro anymore. I hope you realized this!?

In the linked HowTo there is a reference to this too, and how to fix this after your installation of windows.

If both OS are on the same drive, reinstalling proprietary OS will replace GRUB boot menu

After reinstalling OS boot to Manjaro Live ISO

Use manjaro-chroot to login to installed Manjaro OS

sudo manjaro-chroot -a

And reinstall GRUB
GRUB/Restore the GRUB Bootloader/Reinstall GRUB - Manjaro Wiki

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To answer the question (topic title)

Yes - watch out for Windows


thanks for the replies but i ended up just formating the entire drive.