Is there any way to run android apk in linux like bluestack emulator?

i want to now if there is a way to run android apk in manjaro like emulator or something similar
by the way I already tried usin anbox, but it doesn’t seem to be working anymore

Did you try the usual google search?

linux run android apk” yielded many results, maybe start from here then look for what is available in Manjaro?

the best solution wan using anbox but it seem it not running due of some bugs

Anbox is the only good option that I can think of. There is Genymotion as well, but I don’t trust them because you have to sign up to use it (at least last time I tried).

yeah, I also tried to do this. But anbox didn’t work and then noticed comments on the package saying that it’s just broken atm. Which really sucks, hopefully someone can find a solution