Is there any way to recover information from deleted folders?

Hi, I just deleted some folders from my external hard drive, I don’t know if there’s a log or something that has the name of all the folders in it when it got mounted earlier today (still haven’t turned off my computer). Thankfully the files themselves are not needed anymore, but I do need to know what was in it :pray:

As mentioned already:

NTFS → only testdisk available, beside it supports more file systems (also EXT2/3/4).
EXT3 → ext3grep
EXT4 → ext4magic

What kind of files/folders are these?
What program access it?
What have you done?
Maybe you unplug the USB HDD while it was syncing the files to the disk in the background?

Anyway… it is bad idea to use a NTFS Partition for backups in Linux, likewise Ext4 in Windows. For exchange between systems, why not, but not for backups.

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Just lots of folders with .iso files in it.

Dolphin and konsole to delete.

i used the rm -r command on the wrong address.


I doubt changing the file system since I use this HDD on both Linux and Windows.