Is there any way to change look of pop-up notification in KDE?

Hi there , I shifted from gnome to kde just a week ago. I made it look better with some themes and all :grin: . And i didn’t found any way to change the look of pop-up notifications :sweat_smile:. The pop up notification in GNOME looks pretty good when compared to pop up notifications in KDE. Is there any way to change the look of this notifications :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Do you mean by the notification?

If it’s not, can you give a picture or smthg?

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Yes i’m talking about the notification. :grin:. I wish i could change the shape and size of it with some rounded corners like GNOME

You can, u need to change your theme. If you change your theme with notifications that are rounded, it should work.

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Hmm , we can’t change the look of notifications without changing the theme right :thinking:

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