Is there any method to a CLI install

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:warning: Calling all stations! :exploding_head:
Here’s a Manjaro Architect once and forever user, too.

Two years ago I installed Manjaro Deepin using Architect, a very flexible and powerful way to customize the initial setup process of my laptop operating system:

  • Partition editing and resizing
  • Logical Volume Management
  • Encrypted partition inside a LV
  • Everything wrapped up nicely
  • Fast and clean text interface

Now, I am facing a reinstalling situation after a sudden 5.10.x kernel panic. –yes, sorry for crossposting… :roll_eyes: and, boy, I am really stuck with this Calamares handicap. :rage:

The only thing that stops me wiping the crypto volume off is the faith in the community and the teamwork :muscle:. I truly believe we are stronger than this and acquiring the knowledge to achieve the goal to a reinstall in November 2021 is not rocket science :robot:.

Tell me Manjaro is not going backwards and I can still rescue my laptop. I’ve been using Linux since the last two decades and it deserves better.

Long life to the CLI! :computer:
Back to the rootz! :v:

Why don’t you use Architect again?

Then you should be a master :bowing_man:

And nothing really beats a CLI installation.

Feel free to abuse the content of my notepad to your pleasure.

Already linked in your reinstalling situation

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I really liked Manjaro Architect too, sad it’s not maintained anymore,
I am planning to try rewrite Manjaro Architect in Rust Lang, I am also planning to have it support both Manjaro and Arch at least, maybe more distributions later in the development,
actually I already started writing, researching and so on but I don’t have time to continue at this moment, so no promises and no eta,
I haven’t written about this here before to don’t make hopes and such, but when you ask here like this, well, had the need to tell you :woman_shrugging:

No promises and no ETA as I have no time for it right now, but maybe at some point in future but It won’t be any time soon if it even will be at some point, so yeah

Maybe even before I will have time to look at it someone else looks at original Manjaro Architect and fixes it and maybe continues maintaining it, who knows, I seen a few people saying they would and they were even added as developers in the original repo but so far I haven’t seen any activity in the repo :woman_shrugging:


Not being ironic here. 20+ years of using the SO, not mastering its install process, you know… That wasn’t the point, anyway.

And BTW, thank you for your entry, it might do the trick. A friend of mine pointed me in that direction.

I’ve read your notepad but I need more control over my logical volume.

You know that you can install manjaro-architect on the live system?

sudo pacman -S manjaro-architect

And while in maintenance mode it still works?

Promise you won’t not tell where.