Is there any archlinuxarm tarball rootfs installer?

Hi guys,

Thanks for the awesome arm distro! Especially for the quick support for RK3399 boards, which is much faster than alarm official.

Recently I got a board (*) which supports ARM UEFI, thus I can skip the bootloader part, and jump directly to rootfs creation.
All the needed parts are already upstream, including kernel, mesa (openGL, not ES).

So it should be a smooth sail, if we can get an alarm style rootfs tarball.
This allows advanced user to custom their rootfs, this is especially useful for cases like creating uncommon boot configuration like /boot on eMMC and rootfs on NVME for RK3399, and get rid of the first time boot screen if the user wants.

*: The board itself is already publicly available, but the UEFI firmware is still under NDA, thus can’t yet provide the name of the board nor the vendor. But it won’t be too long before the UEFI firmware being public.


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Thank you for your kind words.

Not sure how that will solve the issue on booting the linux kernel unless Grub for Arm is used.
I am interested in knowing the board details as I would like to play around with such board which is officially supported by UEFI, DM me if possible :wink:

Sounds interesting

We do have a Manjaro Rootfs but that is just the base you will have to install packages on top of that. Most importantly it will need a kernel which is compiled with the board support in the config.


Hope this helps.


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