Is there an automatic fledged Mail Server in Manjaro like GMAIL,YAHOOMAIL?

Guys I would like to build a Mail Server like GMAIL or HOTMAIL or YAHOOMAIL.
It is my dream to build such beauty.
How is that possible here in Manjaro?
I know they are very complicated for a beginner but I want to learn.
Question is how do I start?
In equipment do I need a LARGE HDD, and RAM to accomplish this?
Do I really need a reliable internet? Do I need my server to be always on 24/7?
Please help me guys. Please no trolling. I am very serious about this.

Well, it all depends on the scale of your ambition, really. Are you aiming for a public mail service or is this about setting up a web mail server for your own local area network?

There are a few mail server applications in the repositories, such as dbmail and GNU mailman ─ there might be others yet, but I haven't really checked.

As for the hardware requirements, again, things will depend on the scale of your ambition. RAM requirements won't be all that high ─ any server with about 4 to 8 GiB of RAM will do ─ but companies like Google, Outlook (formerly known as HotMail) or Yahoo Mail have millions of users, and so they also need a lot more disk space.

Furthermore, reliability is crucial, and so you would need to set up redundancy and failsafe mechanisms. Redundancy means that you're going to need more than one server ─ so that the fallback server can take over if the main server fails ─ and that each server should also be equipped with RAID storage, preferably with hot-swap drives. You'll also need a dedicated system for storing backups, and everything should be connected to uninterruptible power supplies.

If you're going to make this a public service, then you'll also need a static IP address and a domain name, plus a fast and stable internet connection. And then you can rely on an external hosting company, or you can start doing the hosting on your own.

In this day and age, it is often more cost-effective to simply rent a virtual private server at a data center and to set things up there. That way, you are guaranteed all the redundancy, the backups, the monitoring of the hardware, and the uninterruptible power supplies ─ which in turn are connected to backup generators just in case the power outage takes too long ─ all of which will be running in an air-conditioned environment where nobody's smoking and where there are no cats or dogs running around to clog up the fans with hair. :stuck_out_tongue:

There's really a whole lot that comes into play when you're thinking about setting up something like this. :thinking:

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And not to rain on your parade (as I love Manjaro as well), but you'd probably be better to use a static server distro for something like this if you want the least down time.

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It's just my personal private mail server. So old laptop is enough with a 1.6GHZ intel singlecore 86-64x baytrail cpu with 4gb ram and 164gb ssd storage?

Are there gui mail server to accomplish this? Terminal based commands are so hard. lol
But if there are non, I will try my best to learn terminal based commands.

GNU Mailman is frick'n hard to set up. lolz
ill update you guyz.

Why would you want to set up a web-based mail server on a laptop? :frowning:

But anyway, mailman is normally administered through a web-based user interface, as I imagine most other web mail solutions would be, but I only have experience with mailman (and that was a long time ago). And once it is set up, mail can then be read or sent through a web-based interface ─ which means you're going to have to set up Apache or another web server as well ─ or via a standard email client like Thunderbird, Evolution, KMail or Claws Mail.

I give up, its extremely difficult even to set up a web-based user interface. I can't find a concise steps on how to do these. They basically just jump to others steps without explaining at all.

As an alternative, if you're into eye-candy, why not use a conventional email client and apply some nice theme to it, if supported? :slight_smile:

Setting a mail server is non-trivial. Also, most ISPs block smtp traffic.

You need to first setup all the mail management and then put a web interface on top of it if that is what you want. It isn't really a paint by the numbers type of project. It is totally doable but you will need to work through it and fill in some gaps.

I used to use roundcube which was fairly straightforward to setup.

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We use RoundCube at one of the two forums I administer. But I'm not the one who set it up ─ it was already long there before I ever became a staff member, and it is only used for monitoring the server's inbox. :wink:

The simple answer is no - there is no "automatic fledged mail server in Manjaro like GMAIL".

This falls squarely into the "help vampire" realm of questions:

@HHumanBeinge please read this to understand what I'm referring to:


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