Is there an audio in track normalization for MPV?

Are af=drc and ad-lavc-ac3drc=1 in mpv.conf good options?

This bug report to mpv suggests af=drc and ad-lavc-ac3drc=1 are not good options
"af=drc" causes sudden jumps in audio volume · Issue #2759 · mpv-player/mpv · GitHub

But this meta:question has 3 options
DRC for Movies that have quiet dialogues but very loud sound effects? · Issue #8418 · mpv-player/mpv · GitHub

(downmix to stereo is all I use on media players)

FFmpeg Filters Documentation - 8.83 loudnorm

FFmpeg Filters Documentation - 8.71 dynaudnorm

I need to use mono, is it viable option? Also i wrote mpv.conf, is the symbol - - valid? Do i need all the above?

Remixing audio to mono is probably viable but I would notice the loss of stereo sound and would not using that option myself

the option prefix -- is needed for terminal or script commands but is not needed If you are making a custom configuration file ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf
mpv does not have a system configuration file, but it does have an example configuration file /usr/share/doc/mpv/mpv.conf with some of the option settings commented out with #

Ok but do i need all the above options?

I can’t answer to what you need. I suggest you try all the options and use what works and sounds good for you and your system

I use audio-channels=stereo for audio to stereo speakers and that is usually enough to hear dialog and backing music from the surround sound mix, so I have not tried using additional filters