Is there an ARM AUR?


Is there an AUR available as for the x86/x64 editions?


We use the same AUR as the rest.
Some package builds already support armv7h and aarch64. Many packages are for any architecture.
And with most packages, you can even add armv7h or aarch64 to the PKGBUILD and it will build on ARM. But it depends on the software.


I apologize for phrasing myself badly. This is what I was looking for, a simple search engine for the armv7h AUR:


That is not an AUR. That is the Arch Linux ARM repository.
The AUR is the “Arch User Repository”.


I noticed it after looking around a bit. :blush:

Is there any way to list/search the AUR by filtering out and only showing only armv7h packages?


Interesting. I’m sure some sort of bash scripting or something could accomplish it, but I dont have any such snippet on hand.


It’s not the AUR, but this is a place for PKGBUILDs specifically for arch linux arm (manjaro)

### buildarch

A bitmask of architectures to build the package for. This must be set to the decimal equivalent of the bitmask (the number in parenthesis). The values can be combined (bitwise OR) to select more than one architecture. Without being specified, the package will build for all architectures.

* `0000 0001` (1) = *the default* , package will be built for all architectures
* `0000 0010` (2) = the package will be built only for armv5
* `0000 0100` (4) = the package will be built only for armv7h
* `0000 1000` (8) = the package will be build only for armv8 (AArch64)
* `0001 0000` (16) = the package will be built only for armv6h


That are pkgbuilds that are build for the archlinuxarm repository, search here


But non of these has anything to do with the AUR.

AUR is not divided by architecture, so you have to look at it on a pr package basis. Eg. “Is this package also for armv7h|aarch64 according to it’s PKGBUILD?”