Is there a way to watch a user?

Is there a way to watch all posts from a particular user?

Under a user’s profile > Preferences > Notifications, a user can watch a Category/Topic or Tag, but not a User. If a specific feature like this doesn’t exist, could we make philm a tag and use it on philm’s posts? It would make his posts standout no matter which Category/Topic they appear in.

Update: I think I found a way to follow philm’s post regardless of category posts “”. Can this be setup as a RSS Feed?

See here the reply from Discourse developers. Will ask the team about the follow plugin.

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@omano - Cool. Thanks. I’m adding that right now to my RSS reader :slight_smile:

I see Jeff Atwood’s response:

Discourse isn’t a social media engine, but a discussion tool, so the “follow a person” feature never really made sense to us.

Some posts in a discussion carry more weight than others and can impact our running systems, so I definitely want to follow :wink: If we can “ignore” a user, we should be able to “take notice” of a user.

Yeah, the same answer was provided (as example) under Jeff’s reply :wink:

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To follow first post useful. :thinking:

No, but thank you.

I think the activity rss feed will work nicely.

It’s a little bit creepy. Following someone around the block.

Thanks for the credit guys, but I only read @bogdancovaciu link lol.

The root problem for me: I was missing important pull, push, and other actions because they were buried in various threads. These actions are implemented by philm, as far as I know at this moment in time.

The most efficient solution I came up with: “highlight” (or follow or watch) all posts by philm. This is a win-win, it reduces the likihood of unnecessary questions and doesn’t waste the Manjaro team’s time.

I just glanced at the discourse thread. Wherever credit needs to go for providing the RSS feed link, thank you. I was particularly happy with the solution. I’m still learn’n the Manjaro-ways and the discourse forum. :thinking:

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