Is there a way to resume what you are doing when you shutdown and go back in Manjaro desktop?

I’m still in a dual boot with windows 10 because my work demands some software that don’t work in my Manjaro Linux. Can’t work with gnome box because I’m lacking memory.

If you use KDE you can set the option “When logging in › Restore previous saved session” in settings Startup and Shutdown

But thats only restore the programs you were using before shutdown,if you want everything exactly like it was before maybe hibernate can be helpful for you.

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Thank you with this. I’ll try this one.

I tried this. I open a web browser and shutdown my system. it doesn’t restore what I open. Did I do something wrong?

Most browser can be set to restore the previous session when they are opened again.

This for any distro with Plasma should be the default. Even Windows has this as the default. The only time it doesn’t work is if windows crashes.

No, it should not be the default, because it often leads to problems if you have anything started automatically, as is for instance the case with Yakuake in Manjaro Plasma. In that case, the process will be started twice.

The only sane way of doing what the OP requests is indeed to hibernate the system. That is after all what hibernation was intended for.

And take longer to get back to what you were doing. You can believe what you want but it’s never been an issue here under Plasma.