Is there a way to change manjaro i3 background?

Hi everyone,

I have installed Manjaro i3 ISO from fresh. Everything work as expected, I was able to adapt my old i3 configs to Manjaro’s i3 config. However, I cannot change the background with this command in my i3 config:

exec --no-startup-id feh --randomize --bg-scale /home/miguel/Pictures/Wallpapers/*

The wallpaper tries to change at boot, but then the Manjaro’s wallpaper comes up again and stays there forever.

Is there any command that should I use to change the background?


I think the wallpaper app is nitrogen - disable it in the i3.conf

That worked! Thank you!

You could just install ‘feh’ again:
sudo pacman -S feh

See here for configuration:

And also:
man feh

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