Is there a section on this forum for Cinnamon issues?

Looking for a Cinnamon section so I can ask a technical question there.

No, there is no specific category for Cinnamon. Depending on your issue, you could look for the closest match (Maybe SupportSoftware & Applications because it’s probably installed from the Manjaro repos).

And you should set the cinnamon tag as the user below indicates.

You can use the cinnamon tag: Topics tagged cinnamon

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Will do, thank you.

Cool frog, what species?

I don’t know, it was just sitting there posing for me. Probably something middle-european because that’s where I took the photo (at least hopefully).

Edit: Google classifies it as “common frog” and the linked wiki page shows an identical image. So as generic as frogs come :grin:

There is you can find it in support./cinnamon!

Not listed as separate category, like @mithrial already said :wink:
See below:

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