Is there a screenshot tool can paste the image copied in clipboard then make it stick on the screen?

I think it is very used in the situation which many of us will meet.
For example, I found a image with useful information. I want to check it often for the next 10 mins let’s say. But it is useless when I dont want to check it.

Snipaste is a tool in windows. Which I think is very useful. Any alternative for linux?


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Make a snapshot. Then save the file to your Desktop (/home/$USER/Desktop/…) .

@ori , if you add your desktop, the response could be more specific.

KDE Spectacle doc (per @Olli).

alternativeto·net is a helpful website to find other applications. The results can be limited to linux and opensource (per @maycne.sonahoz).

If you are using the XFCE desktop, the screenshot tool is xfce4-screenshooter.

Probably overkill, but you can capture a screenshot using GIMP.

Even Firefox has a screenshot feature now.

As far as viewing, maybe your default image viewer will work (i.e, gthumb, gwenview, viewnior). Just save the captured screenshot(s) to a directory in your $HOME directory (i.e., $HOME/Pictures).

Some useful commands

# Find default application based on mimetype (change image/jpeg as needed)
# Note: Some of this information can also be found in the desktop's settings GUI.
xdg-mime query default image/jpeg

# Find default application based on file name (replace IMAGE.jpg)
xdg-mime query default $(xdg-mime query filetype IMAGE.jpg)  

# Open image from command line using default application
# View applications in the Graphics or Accessories section of your desktop's main menu.
mimeopen -n IMAGE.jpg

# Use imagemagick to display (Add an ampersand & to put the command in the background)
display IMAGE.jpg   

# Loop through images (manually close image viewing, next...)
for f in *.png; do display "$f"; done

# Loop through images (terminate image viewing after 10s, next...)
for f in *.png; do display "$f" & pid=$!; sleep 10s; kill -s 15 $pid; done

Some additional doc

Most Desktop Environments have a screenshot tool that can save image to clipboard
But Flameshot has more features to edit and annotate images.
Flameshot is also available for other proprietary OS so you could compare it to the proprietary tool