Is there a SAMBA package that works right out of the box

The story so far:
Boot this machine from my Puppy Linux distro and SAMBA shares on other computers are seen and this computer can share etc so the network hardware is known to be functional

Boot this machine from Manjaro and:

  1. SMB4K sits and spins without finding anything even if left all night
    I have to kill it to get it to stop
  2. smbtree hangs and never finishes
  3. The “browse network” shows “windows network” which does nothing as far as I can tell.

Is everything set up on your Manjaro?

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Does this mean “no there isn’t”
It would seem to me that a package like SAMBA really should either come preconfigured or some sort of script with GUI that does the work of getting it going.
So far, I have only made it as far as being able to see that the Manjaro machine is on the network from a different machine running PuppyLinux I guess this is progress.
smbtree hangs
“run samba” in the menu does nothing
Smb4K starts but goes into the “Looking for workgroups and domains…” mode and gets no further.
Sadly, this is a systemd based 64 bit Linux so I can’t just copy all the samba stuff from puppy linux and try that.
Thus I am stuck with trial and error etc for now.

There is. Install manjaro-settings-samba. :wink:

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I have manjaro-settings-samba installed.
I did that before I asked the question.
Is there another step I need to take?

Apparently it depends of your Desktop Environment:

Thanks :slight_smile:
This being monday, I have to do the stuff I get paid for until next weekend.
I will dig further then

Yes - that is correct.

Like every other server requirements you will have to setup sharing manually.

Even if you install the Manjaro Samba meta package - this will not share any location easily. You will have to learn to configure your samba service daemon to serve what ever folder you want to serve - and this is not straight forward.