Is there a reliable way to connect via remote desktop to manjaro-plasma (arm)

After a lot of fiddling I got tigervnc working but I get constant popups of the same error no matter if I type in the password or not: " System policy prevents Wi-Fi scans". The error has a title: "Authentication required - PolicyKit1 KDE Agent.

Not only is this extremely annoying, the error popups every 30-60 seconds or immediately if you touch the network settings, this also prevents any changes to the network settings which is the thing I really need.

A lot of googling has led me to believe this might have something todo with that I am connecting remotely but I am not sure.

Basically all i want is to have one ongoing session that I can connect to via remote desktop and that doesn’t close any running programs if I exit the remote session, it should all be running in the background and also be there when I log in again. (I don’t want the remote connection to spin up a new login and logout when I disconnect)

Is there any guide to achieve this? Ideally without commercial proprietary solutions like teamviewer.
This basically works without any effort on Raspbian, but its repositories are so old its useless as an OS.