Is there a QR code reader that I can install for the Pinephone Pro?

Hello. I wonder if there is a QR code reader that I can install for the Pinephone Pro (I’m using Manjaro Plasma). I tried QtQR, but, while it did install fine, it simply did not work.

For QR reader to function the camera must be functional - did you flip the camera privacy switch?

Megapixels has a built-in QR code reader. If you hold your phone so that the Megapixels preview contains a QR code, you will notice it getting highlighted as in a dedicated QR code reader app. Then tap that highlight with your finger and you will be offered a few actions (copying the decoded text to the clipboard, opening the URL (if it is one) in the browser). If the QR code is too blurred to be recognized, try tapping on it to get Megapixels to set the autofocus on it, then it should hopefully get highlighted and you should be able to tap on it again as above.

Other applications will only work if they recognize the camera. libcamera support for the Pinephone Pro is very new, you might not have all the required pieces yet (are they in stable already?). (I know the original PinePhone is not working with libcamera in stable yet, but the Pro is further down the upstreaming road.)


Thanks. This is great. I did not realize that Megapixels had this ability.

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