Is there a good solution to mixed dpi screens and nvidia yet?

Hey guys
i have a box with a gtx 970 and a pair of 24" screens, one 4k the other 1080p.

I’m currently running kde with global scaling and use xrandr to scale the 1080p screen to fit, but this brings up a few problems - wine software insists on not scaling, screenshots of anything but full screen(s) don’t work, and recently, context menus from the 1080p screen turn up in the correct location but on the 4k screen, and the built in picture viewer crashes if the window opens up on the 1080p screen. The file manager and the terminal scale incorrectly on the 1080p, but at least work.

I don’t mind swapping to anther window manager, if there is one that works well with mixed dpi screens, but - is there?

Currently, KDE does not support fractional scaling per monitor so you should use the oldest trick in the book: adapt your resolution!

E.G for a 17" UHD display and a 24" FHD display, set both resolutions at FHD and Bam! Fractional scaling at a much higher FPS than fractional scaling can ever achieve!

:warning: KDE is the desktop for the tinkerers that know what they’re doing… whereas Gnome is so simple it can’t do half of what KDE does (but it allows fractional scaling because it’s simple) :grin:

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FAT L Gnome lets you do Fractional Scalling


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