Is there a difference between architect and normal installation?

I can't find this information.
Assuming that I'll install manjaro m-a with default settings (push next without doing any changes) except choosing root and home partition.
Are system settings going to be the same as default calamares installation?
fstab mount options, packages, etc.?

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Well, yes, but the idea is that you would use the Architect installation specifically so as to have more control over the packages you wish install (and which ones you don't). Otherwise you might just as well install by way of one of the three other Official ISOs. :man_shrugging:

For example I prefere to install from live and then uninstall everything I don't need.

It simpler to see the app list and choose what I don't want then to remember what I need during installation :smiley: :slight_smile:

Settings will be different when you use community editions, maintainers can do changes to default configs.

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I'm aware :slight_smile:
I don't need m-a but I would like to install minimal installation with some extra packages and swapfile but I don't want to change system settings, file system mount options etc.

Then perhaps Architect is the way to go for you. :wink:

Manjaro-architect requires a bit more interaction than that to complete.

Well it depends. In theory, desktop system installed with manjaro-architect should match perfectly the corresponding manjaro edition. However, some maintainers have difficulty keeping their iso-profiles up to date, and there might be some differences.

This also means that there are some editions still available that have already been dropped by their maintainers.

For btrfs manjaro-architect has better default subvolume layout and mount options than calamares. For ext4 it should be pretty much the same.

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Is there a difference between architect and normal installation?

Many... however the most important of all is, obviously, that search the interwebs as you might, you'll never find a Python sketch entitled "The Normal Installation Sketch". Not Up There, not anywhere.


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