Is there a date to have Gnome 42 in Manjaro?

Just wondering cause everyone has it already and i’m new here and don’t understand yet how the updates work :stuck_out_tongue:

Arch linux started adding 42 packages to stable repo, some are already in testing. See those in red marked as outdated. Will take a week or two to land in our unstable branch, maybe more …


Oh ok, and the update will be just in the app update? and what about kernel? i’ve changed it to the last stable version manually, it doesn’t happen automatically right? Thanks by the way.

If you had the 5.15 kernel - then each update for it will get installed when there is one.
If you want 5.17 kernel, then you have to install it, yes, but once installed also that one will get updates when there is a new version.
With multiple kernels installed, each will receive updates when there are new builds for them, also the modules …

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