Is there a command or program that check the integrity of the installation files?

or is not possible due to different installations(kernel,desktop environment,minimal vs full etc).

I’m asking because i deleted some packages after uninstalling a program without paying enough attention :upside_down_face:

i mean everything works for now,but i may have a hole in the roof or a missing brick.

Deleted how? There is pacman -Qk or -Qkk, consult manpages for more info. But if you uninstalled something, then you uninstalled it, nothing to check for.

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This was asked recently;

Except …

Thats really a different question.
You dont need to verify package integrity.
You want to see which packages you removed.

You could look at something like

grep -i removed /var/log/pacman.log

Unless you used something like -Rdd then maybe you would want

pacman -Dk

Which regularly wont show much … but if you did remove with ‘force ignore dependency checks’ … -Dk will report missing deps.

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-Rdd does ignore dependencies but does not remove them.


Yeah … -d ignores deps. Double skips all.

In the context of a removal operation (-Rdd) that means dependencies are ignored during removal.

So instead of

$ sudo pacman -Rsn python
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing python breaks dependency 'python' required by amdonly-gaming-vulkan-mesa-layers
:: removing python breaks dependency 'python' required by dbus-python
:: removing python breaks dependency 'python' required by fwupd
:: removing python breaks dependency 'python' required by inkscape
:: removing python breaks dependency 'python' required by libixion

Something like

sudo pacman -Rdd python

Would work and python would be removed.

This is a special operation that would need to have been performed manually.

But if someone did do something like that … then

pacman -Dk

Would then report something like

$ pacman -Dk
error: missing 'python' dependency for 'dbus-python'

All of the above the reason for

You can also look for orphans after -Rdd if there are none, all the dependencies are still needed.

Orphans can be created by removal … but orphans are not the same thing.

If I removed python that does not make dbus-python an orphan … it just means python is missing, no orphan was created.

To print orphans;

pacman -Qdt

You can also print even more orphans by using the t flag twice.
Maybe they should have a special name … like step-orphans or something.
These are packages that would otherwise be considered orphans if not for optional dependencies.
Quote from man pacman


pacman -Qdtt

Quite honestly I would never suggest someone uses -Rdd for python. If for a python problem I would use downgrade.

I didnt suggest anyone use -Rdd
The point was to answer the question as presented by OP…
Which itself is not very explanatory but speaks to them doing some kind of removal they wish they had not.
So responses and explanations pertain to that.
Like mine:

(then you made some statement about what -Rdd is, and I responded, then you mentioned orphans, so I explained more, then you say dont do removals like that … and now we are here)


In case it needs saying for whatever reason.

No one should be using -Rdd unless they really really know what they are doing.

this is what i needed:
grep -i removed /var/log/pacman.log

i should’ve said removed/uninstalled, not deleted.

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