Is the minimal long term support using the same package repositories as normal version

in LTS manjaro it seems brave browser is behind current even the beta branch.

I’m thinking if it is a different repo. set then maybe it’s better to stick with mainstream manjaro???

So can anyone confirm if it is separate package repo please?

The repositories are the same. However, what’s in the live .iso may differ, even though it shouldn’t matter, because once you’ve installed the system, synced the mirrors and updated your installation, you will be on par with the current Stable release. The installer images are merely snapshots. Manjaro is a curated rolling release, so it needs to be kept updated.

The LTS moniker applies to the kernel only. Certain kernels are marked as long-term-support, while other kernels have a much shorter lifespan.


OK Thanks, so is it the same start point as far as how fonts appear in xfce

I guess peoples mileage will vary on font appearance depending on their particular hardware configuration.

Or does the full version actually contain some more user interface beautification, extra fonts and the like?

Literally this:

(the packages with >extra are excluded in the minimal profile)