Is the community edition site down?


What happened to The page shows “File not found”.

Link for Deepin Manajaro?

Looks like the new homepage design went live.

I think all editions will appear under as they are added to the page.


As usually you find them all here. Our new page still needs some work in that regard.




Forum hint: this is what the :heart: button can be used for.


Ooo shiny.


I know :smiley:


a redirect for the old links would be usefull


I dont know why this seems so difficult…

They are all there.
As community editions it isnt really that odd for them to be missing from the official site… though I suspect they will be up there in no time.


Manjaro architect is not showing up in there




I like so much the new design! much cooler than before!


That ISO is outdated and creates more issues than it is good for. We have to see.


also there is no special need for it as every manjaro edition includes architect in it
unless you cant go to live session


Then you can go to a TTY always with any ISO …


I do prefer using the architect iso. by the way got it from osdn website,

i just love installing systems with vanilla DE’s, the level of personalization offered is not from this galaxy, cheers up fro manjaro! \o

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