Is suspend / resume broken on manjaro as well?

Is suspend / resume broken on manjaro as well?

Please provide context. No one should have to watch a video to figure out what you’re talking about.



As well?
As well as what else?

Looks like another talking head on Youtube looking for clicks to make money. My advice is dont feed them with clicks and posts to keep this thread open to give them more clicks. Let this forum thread sink and close due to inactivity.

That could well be the case - thanks for the hint.
… but I had to click the video now, just to verify and satisfy my curiosity (only a second of “engagement”) :sunglasses:

Dont feed the trolls.

I have tested 6.1.3 on qemu and it seam to be broken.

Not sure 6.1.4 is fixed

this may be totally off the mark here but:
why would you suspend/resume a system
in a VM
via the usual system tools?
The VM software on top, which is running the system, allows you to do that more effectively and “natively” - be it VirtualBox or VirtManager

You are talking about a virtualized system, no?

and you didn’t respond to questions (such as mine) - which was:

… see title of your thread …
for: context :sunglasses:

Maybe it has something to do with qemu? I suspend and resume everyday with Kernel 6.1.3 without issue on my (non-virtualized) desktop.

Since you ignored my query and everyone else’s reply here, I’m going to hide this thread for now.

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Good to know, then it is an issue on t2 Linux.

It’s an assumption at best.
And you still didn’t respond to anyone else …

What, pray tell is “t2 Linux”? :thinking:

A Linux distribution like gentoo.

At least the maintainer do not apply patches on the kernel as other distributions do. Maybe that could be trigger the issue because kernel is used as it is?
I just wanted to make sure that this is not a problem with Manjaro

René is always salty about everything :stuck_out_tongue: