Is Surfshark VPN secure?

I found a pretty good deal on Surfshark VPN. (230 PLN for 2+ years, so it’s about 60$). My question is, is Surfshark know to be one of those bad VPN that basically steal all of your data etc?

I have a friend who uses it. He’s quite happy.

Also, they did their own independent audit which verified their claims and is quite happy.

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Okay thanks!

They seem to get mostly reasonable scores from That One Privacy Guy if that puts your mind any more at ease - VPN Comparison by That One Privacy Guy


Thanks for the link. That is great data.

Ultimately, if you use these comparisons, you still have to trust the author.


I use Mullvad, quite a good vpn. About surfshark, I never heard something bad about.

Indeed. That is why I, personally, usually read about 3/4 differrent author’s reviews, and then STILL make up my mind on my own.


@1Travler No worries, he/they do an email services comparison as well. Can’t speak for the content of the Safety Detectives people (TOPG seems to have just starting using them for hosting services basically) but TOPG seems to be pretty unbiased.

@merlock Yeah that’s it of course. From what I’ve read of TOPG it seems to be pretty thorough and impartial information. He used to even have a randomiser choose which service he reviewed rather than picking one. But yeah you put your trust in the VPN reviewer as well the VPN provider :slight_smile:

I use Mullvad too fwiw. Firefox use their services for their VPN offering as well, though it seems FF have less countries.

There is no secure VPN.
You just trust somebody you pay, but don’t know and cannot audit.

[Edit] there is one decent VPN : the one you setup yourself (can be possible with some ISP’s boxes)
and then if you have a trusting familly member with such a VNP that can also be ok.