Is Stable Staging repo still a thing?

Hi All,
I’ve been on Stable Staging since February, but there haven’t been any updates lately. sudo pacman -Syyu shows nothing to do. (Firefox is still on v 83.0)
…But I’ve had at least, one maybe two, stable updates on another PC. (Firefox is on v 84.0)


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Yes, the Stable-Staging branch still exists. Maybe try refreshing your mirror list? :arrow_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Yes. I tried that, too.

Hmm… There was an update to pacman-mirrors not too long ago. Maybe this update was not pushed to Stable-Staging. :thinking:

I’ll invite one of the devs to look at this thread. Maybe they can give you a more helpful answer. :wink:

Not everything that is there is also intended for use or general public

Yes, I know what it is there for, but I’ll take that as suggestion to go back to stable. Which I did and I have Firefox 84.0 now.