Is rebuild of bspwm edition needed?

Does anybody need a new iso for bspwm edition? The settings are pretty much the same as last year, only fonts have changed. And since the iso doesn't include calamares, the system installed with the old iso will be up to date anyway.

  • Yes, I have new hardware that doesn't run with the included kernel
  • No new iso is needed

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Not necessarily needed, but necessarily not not needed.

I have issues with Terminus font if that can be resolved then a new ISO would help.

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Okay, if terminus is still causing issues then a rebuild is needed. Thanks!

Ahm, I didn't find any solution that Terminus is displaying kinds of hieroglyphs everywhere which is gtk3 based. It only works in st and sterminal.
But do you mean the same issue and do you have a solution?

As a solution I switched the default font to a ttf font. If this doesn't get applied it's a problem

I like my font in CarbonROM called Storopia, but don't know if it is available for GNU.
Yes, it is (or not?)

Update: Copying Storopia.ttf to ~/.fonts an then running
fc-cache -f -v
didn't make it available in Gnome.

I will also try how Sony Sketch Ef looks in bspwm, it's available in AUR. Because I'm not happy with Terminess at all, it looks blurred on all of my screens.

Update: Sony Sketch Ef looks good for me in Gnome.

This worked for me in Xfce.

Maybe copying the font to ~/.local/share/fonts/ will make it work. According to the Arch Wiki the ~/.fonts directory is deprecated.

Nice font by the way!


I'm happy that you like it, it's very nerdy, but not too much. But it doesn't work on Gnome. Maybe Xfce is simpler or it is because of gtk2...

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Xfce uses gtk3 in last version

It would be great to have the latest iso with no fonts problems

Okay, I did a new installation to test this issue. The only font problems I found were

  • limepanel had slightly too big font
  • Rofi had some letters replaced with icons

Are these the issues that are bothering everyone? Or did I miss something?

Which profile did you update bspwm or bspwm-minimal? I can make a test install.

To me the problem was that I was out the Linux news stream and suddenly my bspwm and sway got those squares. LXQt on the other hand works with Terminus font, but GTK applications like LibreOffice show unknown signs in Menu, Openbox window titles, too.

I'd explore if I can set different fonts for Qt and GTK applications.

It was full profile, but I didn't update anything. It has been like this for weeks, and it hasn't used terminus for gtk apps for over an year. Last years release used noto fonts. Only s terminal uses terminus now.

I still feel I should find better fonts for rofi and limepanel.

terminus-font-otb maybe?

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Wow, just tried it in gnome-terminal and it's almost the same as in the good old times! Will check on other WMs/DEs.

That font fixes everything for me: old bspwm config (only icon characters are broken), LXDE, sway, 2bwm, Gnome. LXQt works as well after re-login.

Font problems were in mininal installation, not in full

Thanks, testing that next

Okay, I now moved to terminus-font-otb and updated all the relevant packages. I feel that it actually improved upon the old look. The new installations should now automatically have good fonts, including bspwm-minimal.

This should fix the issue you mentioned

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So, is this version available?

Yes, use up to date mirrors and manjaro-architect from any manjaro iso. For example, previous bspwm isos work fine, look the same and install up to date system.

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