Is Pamac search slower than before?

I used to use Manjaro a few months ago and now back at it. The pamac manager app’s search used to be much faster with immediate search results earlier. But now, it seems that I have to press the enter key every time I search for something.

I have updated my mirror list and it’s not an slow connectivity issue. All downloads are quite fast.

It feels more like a change within pamac. Is it?

Pamac has now a autocomplete field, that is why you have to press enter.


Ahh, I see. Is there any way to disable that so that it is as it was before?

Not sure. Maybe can be added as an option, but that means an issue with a feature request should be opened on gitlab …
Issues · Applications / pamac · GitLab

too many requests at aur server (at all key press)


I always forget about that :sweat_smile: Thanks for reminding me!!!

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