Is pamac safe?‎

Sorry if my English is not very good, it is not my native language and right now I am using google translator.

I installed manjaro a few weeks ago, so I still don’t know how it works, I have been using pamac to install some programs, but a few days ago I asked myself if some malware or something similar could be filtered in pamac, every time it asks me to update I update everything, but I’ve been hesitating whether to update or not, thanks.

This ain’t windows… Definitely check what you are installing and upgrading from AUR but yeah it’s safe as long as you review your action. If you are just upgrading packages from manjaro repo, yes it’s safe :slight_smile:

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so if I don’t have AUR support enabled, it is completely safe?

Pamac is developed by one of the Manjaro team members. Official Manjaro repositories have only packages signed either by Arch or by Manjaro team itself, or the build server that Manjaro controls.

If you refer inside the application itself, then it would be spotted right away as all the code is open source and visible/accesible by everyone. If you refer to packages, then it might be possible with AUR packages, or whatever external repositories, but even those will not survive for long, as people still can access and see the PKGBUILD.


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