Is MX Linux really that popular?

The simple answer is distrowatch is doesn't really track anything except how often people who use distrowatch access it. There is very little relationship between install-base and position on distrowatch.

The distros that tend to have the higher positions on distrowatch are those that are up-and-coming as opposed to those that are established.

Are you sure about that?
I wouldn't consider ubuntu and mint as up and coming. (Except I missunderstand you and you mean something else than I mean with up-and coming).

That is exactly my point, those distros used to be higher on the list.

Yes, but if you're right, you would see even more "new faces" in the Top 10 or let's say Top 20.

Since your info is from Distrowatch I'd say NO. They truly are flavor of the month.

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Don't take my point to an extreme :wink:

You have to have a decent sized user base to get into to the top 10. The point is, that an up and coming distro will have a higher position relative to the size of it's user base.

I doubt that MX, Manjaro and Mint combined have the installed base that Ubuntu has.


Yes, because Ubuntu=Linux :wink:

Top 20
Trending past 30 days



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Or an insight into how many people can't use the distro without forum support :wink:

In 5 years I maybe made 3-4 posts in Mint forums.


I have been using MX for a several years. It works better on more hardware variants than any distro I've tried, including manjaro. The fact that it also supports running without systemd is useful (to me). MX is wonderfully reliable, works well with tilers like hlwm, bspwm, dwm (.. my favorites) and is much more current than vanilla Debian or any of the plethora of *buntu variants.

I have written a lot about using both arch (manjaro, ArchLabs) and MX on my site but I get my hand slapped when I provide a link.

Whatever you do in this world, there will be those who like it and those who don't. So ...


I can safely say that the folks who develop the MX distro don't over worry the Distrowatch numbers. I follow both this distro and MX quite closely, and would say the Forum activity for both is quite similar, assuming that means anything at all.

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They told me since the increase in Distrowatch ranking they attracted a lot of non-technical users, but also many technical ones and even new developers and maintainers. But they indeed don't tell anybody "go everyday there and click us". However I mean that they had a link on their Distrowatch page on their MX Welcome app. :wink:

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I'm going to go click Manjaro and just hit F5 like a thousand times.

It won't change much, because only one hit per IP address per day is counted.

Because of @eugen-b's insult of MX having clickers, I went on Distrowatch and gave them exactly that, a click. I did NOT click on Manjaro. That'll teach him!

Protonvpn is my best friend then!!

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I can vouch the noobs on MX... the Forums are neck deep in newbies.

I can't find any link in MX-Welcome to the MX Distrowatch page. May I ask where you found it?

OK, when you theme it in a sensible way, MX Linux is really pretty cool.
Just had time to play around with it a bit.
The MX Tools are quite meaningful. I like them.
It's definitly a good system for a Linux newbie, as well as more advanced users I suppose.
I'll definitly continue playing around with it in my VM.

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