Is MS office Online suite still working in Manjaro?


Not that I am a fan of it but I noticed that Manjaro Xfce has links in the Wisker menu for each Office component. I tried it but all I got is two windows, one blank with the title “continue” and another one with “page not found”. Was it working before ?
(French version)



The MS Office Online shortcuts are to a browser wrapper called “JAK”. It should function nearly identical to opening your browser of choice and going to

Can you verify that going directly to that in a browser works for you?



It is not the same effect but your link does get me the for login but it won’t accept my personal outlook address complaining that is it not a professional or school account.



MS Office is not freeware. The online suite is only usable if you have an Office 365 subscription. The shortcuts are primarily there for people who pay for MS Office and want to continue using it (to make it easier for them to transition to using Linux).

If you don’t have one, you’d need to do one of the following (ordered by recommendation):

  • Use LibreOffice instead (free, installed by default, usable even when offline)
  • Use another Office alternative (like Kingsoft OfficeAUR, also usable offline)
  • Use wine (official repos) to try to install and run the MS Office for desktop (i.e. Office 2010, 2013, 2016, etc. Of those 2010 works best last I checked, but 2013 might be usable)
  • Use a Windows VM to run Office for desktop


I see. Not that I need it. There are a slew of alternatives like you mention. That was for my friend who is reluctant to switch and use MS for work.

That said there is free MS online office version which I tough that the shortcuts was for. Mind you that after trying it today, it says that it cannot create my document and I should try later or use Onedrive


Update : my OneDrive account was lock. It unlock it and then I can use the suite. MS does push very hard for their paid 365 version though.

Update 2 : unlocking my MS account also restore Manjaro shortcuts functions. So I guess, the shortcuts will work with the free and paid version as long as you have a valid MS account.



Btw if someone doesn’t like MS Office online, it is possible to create similar shortcuts in the main menu using the ICE-SSB application which basically create “sort off” standalone applications, like for Google Docs or others, using a browser of your choice.

I suspect that the majority of people can go by using only the online versions.

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I just installed Manjaro over the weekend and the apps “work” for me, but they are pretty broken. Can’t compose new emails, can’t create new Word documents, just lots of things broken all over the place. It’s pretty much unusable. Looking at the project on Gitlab, it doesn’t appear that it’s been maintained in many months and submitted issues have gone ignored. For something installed by default, I would hope it would be well maintained. Perhaps it should be removed from the default installation if it can’t be maintained? I’d offer to help out with it, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time.