Is Manjaro still alive & well? Seems so but just checking :-)


Hi there.

I’ve been away for a number of weeks & just got back. I notice that Manjaro has not updated “stable” in over a month, which is quite unusual.

I’m assuming that everything is fine & well in Manjaroland, but want to check. I guess Phil & Co are just busy, as they have plenty going on beyond this amazing project.


Ruziel :wink:


please check this link First preview of Manjaro Ellada released


It has been asked many times:


Thanks for the link Bruce - that’s good news. It looks like Phil & Co have been VERY busy & the next release should be fantastic.

For the record, the last stable update was on 25th June & not two months ago.

More power to you all.

Ruziel :wink:


@ruziel Hey bro. Yeah, people are wondering why there hasn’t been an update for a while now. Phil and co are very busy with it and sounds like the delay is KDE-related and due to instability issues with plasma and Qt or something.
Anyway, let us be patient and wait for the awesomeness.haha :slight_smile: .


Agreed, it’s sure to be awesome.



Haha! Amazing!




Hitting the nail on the head! haha


It is Sommer, be easy…


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