Is Manjaro on DeX possible


As I am sure some of you are aware. Samsung announced Linux on DeX today. It will be a version of ubuntu because they have partnered with canonical.

Would it be possible to use this same app and covert it to boot Manjaro instead. I would absolutely die if I could get manjaro on my note 9. I have already registered to get the beta when the drop it.

Manjaro on Samsung Linux on Dex
Manjaro on DeX

Pretty certain this will be using an ARM CPU, so Manjaro won’t work.

Manjaro-ARM might, but it would need to support the hardware.

It’s unlikely it will work OOB.

  • Linux on DeX currently supports one customized Ubuntu image (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version provided by Canonical) which only operates on selected Samsung devices. (Note9 and Tab S4).


I read that, I am just curious that if I can get that application information into the hands of the manjaro devs. Would they be able to reference the ubuntu build and convert it possibly to manjaro arm.


Don’t double post thanks Manjaro on DeX


Hello I posted this early in the general discussion forum out side of Manjaro ARM.

Samsung announced Linux for DeX, I was wonder would it be possible to use that software to figure out how to get Manjaro on DeX to work?

If so when I get the beta app how do I gather the right information and share it with you wonderful devs.



Linus —> Linux


My bad, Thank you!


First of all i dont have a samsung phone.

To have manjaro. You could rather root your phone, install full linux on it, then you can vnc from phone to localhost to a full linux desktop on your phone.

Dex seems to be a desktop linux for samsung phones. With its own set of desktop applications. I doubt there would be mutch linux on dex, but if they are claiming it will be that is cool.

Come back and update when you have tested it ? :slight_smile:


For it to be possible to get Manjaro on it, there would have to be a kernel and bootloader (like uboot) available for it.


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