Is manjaro-firmware installed by default on manjaro?

I noticed that the “manjaro-firmware” package has proprietary drivers and is installed on Manjaro, do you have some kind of privilege to have this package installed by default on the system?

Manjaro-firmware has been removed from the unstable repos as it depends on python2.
In the root packages it is only hashed out as I believe the plan is to rewrite it and re issue it.

I referred to the license to use, these drivers are proprietary, but Manjaro includes them by default, I didn’t know it could.

They are proprietary, but free to use. It is just like including a proprietary driver.

Ask yourself: Is Manjaro allowed to ship the nvidia driver by default?

Firmwares are nothing more than blackboxes which are needed for a driver (even open source) to communicate with the hardware.

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