Is Manjaro Cinnamon Edition will still be supported in the future?


I’m using Manjaro Gnome edition but also Manjaro Cinnamon edition. I’m very happy with Manjaro Cinnamon that I use to do some works. But I found this information on the net: The future of Cinnamon and Linux Mint | From Linux

So, Is the Manjaro Cinnamon Edition will still be supported in the future ? I don’t really want to go back to Linux Mint as I’m very happy with Manjaro Cinnamon and it is a rolling release.

Thanks for your answer.

You could always just install cinnamon from any iso.

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For now, there is still an iso of Manjaro Cinnamon given by the community (the last version is 22.0 (january 2023)). But will the Manjaro community team for cinnamon still provide releases in the future? That’s what I want to know. I hope so that the Manjaro team will give new versions of Cinnamon in the future.

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I can´t look into the future :man_shrugging:

If you already installed manjaro you do not depend on the ISO any more, but on the updates of the rolling release

Your installation (beginning from the installation) depends only on your maintenance !


Alan, the article you refer to is 10 years old and no longer has any meaning. I think that an updated download iso will be provided in the future as well.
I also use Cinnamon and the development of Cinnamon is going quite well.


Quote from linked topic

Cinnarch and Manjaro Cinnamon Community Edition

Cinnarch was the predecessor to Antergos
Antergos was the predecessor to EndeavourOS

So this is a very out-dated article and it has no relevance for today.

Always fact check what you read - preferably at the source - which would have been Linux Mint - you would then realize that Cinnamon is alive and well.