Is linux-firmware part of a default installation and required

I hope this is a simple question. I’m running stable Manjaro on a laptop. Trying to free up some space, I just want to know whether “linux-firmware” - the entire “overlay” package - is part of my default installation and required. Thanks for any advice.

Hello and welcome,

With a simple answer taken from what is linux-firmware - regardless the search engine.

With that said, overlay or not, that package is a requirement and is just 50MB bigger than the Arch package.

Thanks. Evidently I made the mistake of searching this forum instead of G. I appreciate the feedback.

Take a look at “/usr/lib/firmware” there was over 500MB on my system. See if some of it doesn’t apply to your hardware.

If was a mistake i would have closed the topic without answering. The thing is, some basic stuff are a requirement to know from your part, regardless the community you ask for help.

And you do that for every linux-firmware update ? Most users that just get into using Linux might delete the wrong files then blame us for a broken system.