Is it worth installing Manjaro on any of the Gateway Laptops?

Is it worth installing Manjaro on any of the new Gateway laptops like these?

Its worth installing just about anything, up to and including Hannah Montana Linux, if only to get rid of windoze :smiling_imp:

Linux, linux, every where,
And all the windoze did shrink;
Linux, linux, every where,
Nor any single one to stink.
~ Samuel Torvalds Linuxidge

This topic is a valid example of why we do not do product recommendations. You should always form your own opinion and only decide after a solid research.

Go to the store - talk to a representative - and with permission boot your favorite Linux ISO. Then check as the very minimum if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth works and check the condition of the battery.

The exception from the rule is hardware vendors which preinstalls Manjaro. You can find those at Manjaro - Partners

Be sure to validate which WiFi/BT card is used - not everyone plays well with Linux.

I was curios as to what kind of WiFi was used - and tried a search - I wouldn’t be happy if I found this after my purchase

★★★★★ 1 out of 5 stars.

· 4 months ago

A piece of junk with a lousy warranty.

Within three months, the mouse does not work, and even when it is fully charged, my laptop shuts off after 20 minutes and then will not start up again unless I plug it in, at which time it shows it has a full battery. Called customer service, got a guy with a thick accent I could hardly understand, and limited knowledge, and he told me to mail it back AT MY EXPENSE, and they would decide if there was a problem (?) and AT MY EXPENSE, mail me back another computer, (probably another junk one that was refurbished) So you sell me a junk computer which I pay almost $500 for and 3 months later, I have to pay more to send it to you so you can consider what to do? Stay as far away from these people as you can. - GWTN156-1 | Gateway USA | Laptops | Ultra Slim | Gateway

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