Is it worth developing grub-theme-creator?

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I would like to have some input from the community about the further development of my project (grub-theme-creator).
Actually, I am using this project as a bash learning means, which (together with m1ms and horizontal-grub) has already given back a lot.
During the current phase, using more tools (imagemagick, feh) a lot of RTFM is required and slows back any new release. Also, while learning new bash and imagemagick capabilities, I redesigned the script structure a couple of times. But the question is...

Is it worth trying to create a utility which noone cares using it?
How much effort should I use? I won't stop developing, as it is a perfect way (for me) to learn more about bash, imagemagick and other open source utilities.

So, I decided to ask for some feedback and create a poll.

  • I am going to use it with graphic designer
  • I am going to use it with only configuration text files
  • I want it now
  • Make it open source
  • You better do it closed source and sell it to make some money

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Keep going and make it open source, if you ever get bored of it maybe others could pick it up.

There are plenty of Linux ricers out there who will genuinely appreciate the tool and effort put into it.

If you are looking for test bunnies maybe r/unixporn is a good place to announce it ... plenty of eye candy tinkerers there.


I think if you like what you're doing, continue doing it.
If other people like it, well and good. But that should not stop or discourage you.
I have tutorials here on how to make an OS-independent grub and how to make a grub theme.
I think that's superb but I think nobody else is using them. :rofl:
And it is okay.

That's to encourage you to carry on. (Literally means 'add oil' :grin:)


I personally don't use it because I have a single boot and I don't even see the grub menu. However, I think this is an interesting project and you should make it open source and keep working on it as long as you like doing it. And I do think it will be very appreciated by a lot of people. Sometimes it takes a bit for things to get noticed. Don't get discouraged.


@AgentS I think it is. You have an attention to detail that is very good. In my mind, this means that the Utility will work well. I know that you say you are using the development to learn new knowledge. That in of itself makes it an awesome project. The best way, in my mind, to learn something new is by doing. If you ever need a guinea pig, let me know and I will gladly do some testing.


Get ready!! :laughing:
I 'll ping you soon :wink:


Doing GRUB themes manually is quite hard. I tried in the past with good results, but take a huge amount of time.

So the question comes down to:
How important is to theme GRUB?

As important as eating, drinking, breathing and se... :wink:

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What is not important to you may be important to others.
Sheesh ... have we forgotten what linux is all about?
Freedom and choice.; when has american foreign policy pervaded this forum?
Freedom? My foot!

Free Ola Bini.

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When you are multibooting often (or always), it's the same importance as DE theming.
Theming grub is like going from vga two color terminal to graphics environment.
If you prefer single color background with console text, then maybe you wouldn't care much about grub with colors, pictures and fancy animated countdown circular clock.


Even if not a single person uses it, it is still worth it. It is not how many people use something that you developed that is important. It is how much you can learn from developing it, and the degree of satisfaction it gives you.

It's certainly nice to find a bunch of people enjoying your work, but it's the enjoyment YOU get from learning and creating that makes it worthwhile. Who cares what the poll results are?

The important thing is that you enjoy learning and creating things (even if only for yourself).

Keep up the good work Petros.


"There is no reason why anyone should have a computer at home," claimed Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corp. in 1977.

That's just one of many misjudgments. :smiley:
What nobody uses today nobody wants to miss tomorrow.

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I wasn't saying it isn't important, it's an open question.

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Okay, but questioning choice of cake is off limits. :crazy_face:


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