Is it safe to uninstall KDE Connect?

I dont use a smartphone and i dont want to connect a phone to my PC
anyways. I removed KDE connect and i see 3 entrys in Orphans under
add/remove Software.

-pulseaudio-qt 1.2.2

Im worried about the pulseaudio paket, its required for my soundcard in Linux isn’t it? Should i uninstall this 3 Orphan Pakets now or better reinstall KDE connect and maybe just go another way and disable it?



You’ll need this if you want to import or export vcards in KDE applications, such as KAddressBook. I’d leave that if I were you.

This is a library for supporting virtual keyboards. If you don’t need that, then you can remove it.

You definitely want to hold on to that.


Thanks for response this fast, i dont think that i need vcards and v keyboards then.

But do you know, why pulseaudio-qt is listed under orphans now?
And how i can make sure, i won’t deleted it in future.

Is there a way to remove it from orphans without uninstall?

Edit: I just saw there is a button “Mark as explicitly installed”.
I just give it a try :slight_smile:

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I don’t know. That whole orphan thing confuses me, because many packages are considered orphans while they are still needed, or when they have been explicitly installed without being a dependency of another package.

By paying attention to what you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

If there is, then it’s above my pay grade. :stuck_out_tongue:

See? That’s above my pay grade because I don’t use Pamac. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thanks @Aragorn for explanation, the Mark button vanished the pulse audio paket from orphans.

I didn’t know that Orphan’s are still reliable for other Pakets…
some Youtube Streamer recommend to uninstall Orphans but never
said that this Pakets could still usefull for other devices/program’s.

Now im in the same boat with you and a little confused about this Orphans stuff… 4 days ago i removed 30 orphan pakets that showed up after 3 month use of regular Manjaro updates (without uninstalling anything at all), im backup everything with timeshift but till today no bugs showed up.

Don’t believe YouTubers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still haven’t removed any orphans at all, after a year and a half. The amount of space they take up can’t be that big, and some of them might even be needed for building AUR packages. :wink:

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I don’t care about the HDD/SSD space at all, im more worried about
running possible useless or not need stuff in background.

I’m still in a early learning curve with manjaro/kde and i prefer to
get my OS/Services as small as possible.

Less Services = harder to attack/security issues and lesser bugs…
atleast that was my way in Windows in the past 30 years… where i disabled all the possible services (that i personally, not need).

Should i change this strategic in Manjaro?

No, but those things are not services. They are libraries and standalone utilities. Actual system-wide services are all controlled by systemd in Manjaro, and KDE-specific services can be enabled or disabled in…

System Settings → Workspace → Startup and Shutdown → Background Services

There’s a systemd section in the System Settings too, under System Administration. :wink:

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Hmmm right, you got me :slight_smile:

But are this Utilities maybe running in background and are negative for a stable system or maybe open ports if they are calling home and gives the intruder a way to your PC?

Can you recommend me, a list with System Services what i possible not need?

I also was thinking about giving manjaro (minimum install) a try, but
im worried that there is to much stuff missing. I heared there is also cutout Arch packet installer (that i need).

Negative; there is nothing in a GNU/Linux system that “phones home” like it does in Windows, and utilities are things that are started manually.

I’m afraid that’s a tall order, as I don’t know what you do and don’t need. Well, one thing, yes, because you say that you’re never going to connect a phone to your system, i.e. ModemManager. And if you don’t use any Bluetooth devices, then you can disable that too. And if you’re not on a laptop, then I’d also disable TLP ─ you can safely uninstall that, even.

But other than that, there are too many variables.

That’s a given, and not advisable for newbies. Likewise for Architect.

I’m not familiar with that. Do you mean installing packages from the AUR?

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I think that info is not true, Firefox has enabled Telemetrie by default. I had to go in about:config
for alot of changes. But if you mean, that there is nothing that phones home (in background okay) without starting manually okay. Im also think that Steam has alot Telmetrie activated also… but hey nothing is perfect.

Ahh thanks, thats good information… that means i can skip uninstall all this small little stuff :slight_smile:

Is there a overview anywhere for all this System Services, to learn which services
requires and depends in right tree/direction.?

I saw in another tread, that disable bluetooth is fine, but when uninstall its disabled Wireless Devices also, but i don’t need bluetooth/Wireless at the moment anyways :wink:

Yeah right, the AUR Packet installer. I just can’t verify this, that was just a info that i read somewhere.
I wish there is a official overview between normal iso and the minimum iso.

And i don’t know how much skill it required to install everything from minimum, the easy way is to uninstall stuff. Maybe some day i just spring in the cold water :wink:

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