Is it safe to remove Manjaro Gnome Layouts?


Random question but, is it safe to remove the layouts package on Manjaro Gnome? And with it also the extensions like dash-to-dock, dash-to-panel, …

Is there a list of dependencies that are required by the Layouts app that can/should be removed when I delete it?

I use vanilla Gnome 40 and only have the Pamac updates indicator and User Themes extensions enabled so it seems like overkill to have all these unused dependencies installed. Or am I making a big deal out of something that really isn’t?

Dash to dock is already removed btw, because I had some issues with it when going to Gnome 40 a while back and I don’t use it anyway so :man_shrugging:

I have removed it on the gnome desktops i have along with dash to dock and had no issues.

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It does not take up much space and it is not in regular use. Why delete it? It can come in handy if you later decide to switch layouts. Up to you. :ok_hand:t2:

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The manjaro gnome plugins and software can be uninstalled. There will be no harm to the system.
Note: I didn’t uninstall the software, but I made Gnome vanilla. Programs don’t interfere. They wrote above - they are useful +1

Yeah, I removed layouts, dash to dock arcmenu. Also did a bunch of updates that were presented to me.

GDM no longer starts.

Don’t have a back-up.


What updates? First it was necessary to update the packages, then remove layouts.

I don’t know, this morning I had 2 updates according to the indicator. Now O had a bunch. Just installed them along with making the changes to layouts and the extensions. Now I can’t boot.

I can do alt+f2 and login tot tty but that doesn’t help tbh.

Test: removed layouts. No problem.
You probably removed extra packages = (

Does terminal authorization work?

What do you mean by terminal authorization?

On TTY, what’s the output of sudo pacman -F gdm ?

If you see one of the GDM packages installed, then start checking the dependencies from there.

I’m sorry, I can’t copy paste but it indicates that extra/gdm 40.1-1 (gnome) and community/manjaro-gdm-branding are installed (Plymouth isn’t).

OK, check you have the following packages installed:

gnome-shell  gnome-session  upower  xorg-xrdb  xorg-server  xorg-xhost  libxdmcp  systemd  libgdm

EDIT: I suspect one of the gnome-related dependencies got removed.

Yeah, I think I found the issue. Did a journalctl _UID=1000 and I am getting errors from gdm-x-session. Which is weird because I am on Wayland. Following the steps again I could see that 61-gdm.rules has uncommented the nvidia wayland lines but commenting them again doesn’t fix the issue.

Tbh, I’m considering just doing a reinstall. I don’t have the time to spend hours on trying to fix this on a work machine. Typing all of this on my phone is also extremely frustrating.

Thanks for your help though.

Well, unfortunately that picture does not help very much.

By the way, I noticed this post has several issues. Just to mention a couple of them:

  1. You started asking a question regarding removing layouts-switcher. However, you ended up requesting support for your irresponsible actions.

  2. You are cross-posting your issues on this thread on an announcement thread.

Given the above, I’ll give you a reminder about the forum rules. Please read them carefully.

Consider this your first warning. I’ll go ahead closing this thread on the grounds above.