Is it safe to remove all files from "~/makepkg"?

I was running baobab, and this specific directory ~/makepkg had many Gygabytes, so I was thinking about deleting all files inside it.

I don’t know if it is safe to do this, but I guess this directory is kind of a temporary directory for packages being build by pacman.

And, in case this is not safe, could I remove subdirectories from packages I have already uninstalled previously?

You’re the one that created that directory in your own home folder, you tell us. :wink:

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Ok, let’s go! :slight_smile:

Taking a closer look at /etc/makepkg.conf I’ve found BUILDDIR=/tmp/makepkg in comments, so… yes, that directory in my home folder can be deleted.

Why I did that (changing makepkg from tmp into my home dir), well, I don’t remember exactly, but I suppose it was because I was following some tutorial on tmpfs.

Or maybe you where building a package, which source was bigger than your tmpfs, so you changed it to your home folder.

/tmp is mounted on tmpfs which defaults to half your physical memory.

As such you may run into storage issues when compiling very large packages.

If you run into such issues it makes sense to move the makepkg build dir.

Well we assume you have backups, so delete it and let us know.

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